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With more than sexy 120 girls walking around, you would almost forget to notice that Campo Alegre is a great looking resort.
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The Girls

Some may look like the girl next door, others like sizzling hot supermodels. All are incredibly sexy and willing to fulfill your deepest desires.
For reasons of privacy, the majority of our ca. 120 girls cannot pose on this site. Rest assured that Campo Alegre has more than enough hot ladies to satisfy your sexual appetites.

What's even better than a Campo girl? Two Campo girls, of course.
Talk to the girls about realizing your erotic fantasies. You�ll be surprised at the kinky possibilities.
Many girls at Campo are new to the business. They're spontaneous, fresh and motivated.
The United Colors of Campo. You'll meet exotic girls from different countries in all shapes and sizes.
All girls are tested weekly and the prices are surprisingly friendly. Come on in.
What are you waiting for? Join the party at Campo Alegre and get some hands-on experience.
The Ladies